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Fleeting Returns

This summer Fable Arts will team up once again with Morecambe Bay Partnership to bring a soundscape featuring memories of Morecambe Bay's fishing communities to the trains around Morecambe Bay for a one off special on Sunday 22nd July 2018 to celebrate The Festival of The Bay.

Originally commissioned by Morecambe Bay Partnership for their 'Catching Tales' programme, a series of community-based art commissions that celebrate the unique fishing heritage of Morecambe Bay, FLEETING will return to the trains travelling along the Barrow to Preston and Preston to Barrow route around the bay as part of a month long celebratation of the wonderful history, nature, landscapes and creative communities of Morecambe Bay - a place like no other.

Northern Rail willl once again host this magical mini-broadcast, allowing people to learn about, and reflect on, the landscape passing by their window.

Alex O'Toole, creator and producer of 'Fleeting', said, "I'm thrilled to be working with Morecambe Bay Partnership again and that Fleeting is to be broadcast once more. The views along the Bay are absolutely spectacular, but the soundscape adds another dimension. This time the train goes through Lancaster all the way to Preston and back to give people more chances to listen on their way to and from town."

Travellers hoping to listen to FLEETING are required to purcahse a standard train ticket from any of the stations along the soundscape route listed here, or on the homepage of and to board the train carriage featuring FLEETING posters.

Catch it on the:

9:47am train from Barrow Station through to Preston Station

11.27am train from Preston Station through to Barow Station

13.45pm train from Barrow Station through to Preston Station


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