Headlands To Headspace

Headlands to Headspace (H2H) is a major initiative motivated by a community desire to protect and celebrate Morecambe Bay’s rich heritage.

H2H is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and is being led by Morecambe Bay Partnership with support from a wide range of other partners.


The funding is being used to:

  • join up coastal habitats and ensure that the Bay’s most special natural assets are protected
  • uncover, restore and conserve the Bay’s built and archaeological heritage
  • develop maps, trails and apps to improve information for visitors
  • provide lots of opportunities for people to volunteer and learn new skills
  • provide over 180 training places


The Scheme title ‘Headlands to Headspace’ reflects the stunning nature of the landscape of Morecambe Bay that we wish to celebrate and shout about – the coastline weaves in and out around the Bay with prominent and beautiful limestone headlands, which overlook the stunning seascape of the Bay, with the ebb and flow of the tide, the expansive, inspiring vast sands and all the bird life, nature, stories, folklore and heritage that goes with a place with ancient roots.


Catching Tales is part of H2H’s plan to:

  • conserve and protect Morecambe Bay’s rich natural and cultural heritage
  • Involve the Bay’s communities in all aspects of this Scheme, including through events
  • Provide significantly improved access for all audiences to the key natural and cultural heritage sites
  • Provide training opportunities for local communities to gain new skills in heritage


Read more about Headlands To Headspace here.

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