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Welcome on board the website for FLEETING, a temporary, travelling soundscape of memories from Morecambe Bay’s fishing community. Our journey is about to begin.

My name is Alex O’Toole. I’m a writer and a creative producer for Fable Arts. I’m thrilled to be one of three artists commissioned by Morecambe Bay Partnership to interpret the Morecambe Bay fishing community oral history archive through contemporary art as part of their Headlands to Headspace project.

 Catching Tales Artists


That’s me, on the right, alongside Jenn Mattinson, Oral History Project Facilitator for Morecambe Bay Partnership, fellow commissioned artists, Kate Drummond from Tickled Pink, who is going to be creating a series of illustrated newspapers and Jenny Reeves from About Time and Lee Affen, from Hintersound, who are working together to produce a piece of contemporary dance with young people from Morecambe to be performed for the public in 2018.

My project, FLEETING, will be a layered mix of spoken word material using footage from the fishing community’s oral history archive, music and obsolete sounds of the coast – an aural metaphor for the workings of human memory itself.

The transitory nature of how the soundscape of memories will be accessed by the public as they go about their busy lives, routinely jumping on and off trains travelling along the Morecambe Bay coast, and coming into contact with people, places and sounds they might never see again, aims to make the commute a more immersive, interesting experience for passengers.

I’d love for you to join me here, online, as I go through the process of creating a piece of sound art and working with Northern Rail to install it on to some of their trains travelling around Morecambe Bay.

There will also be a number of chances to see the Bay’s fishing heritage come to life at key stations along FLEETING’s route, too.

To follow my artist journey and to find out how you can get involved as a passenger or as a participant in one of the four FLEETING events this September, check back here regularly. Better still, sign up to our newsletter so you never miss a post. You can also ‘Like’ the project on Facebook and ‘Follow’ it on Twitter.


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